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About Passion for Soccer

Passion for Soccer (PFS) aims at helping soccer players with cognitive and physical disabilities acquire fundamental skills, develop new techniques, and confidently move forward in their soccer journey. PFS provides a wide range of videos to support our athletes, with a focus on making soccer enjoyable. PFS was founded by four high school students from San Diego, California who all desired to give athletes with physical and cognitive disabilities the opportunity to experience the game they love. They aspired to share their love of the game by creating soccer videos showcasing inclusive drills, creating a curriculum analogous to a club practice schedule, running camps in person, and creating an online interactive platform for athletes with disabilities to experience soccer with other athletes. 

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Meet the Passion for Soccer Team

Where the passion begins

Passion for Soccer has a talented team of 4 dedicated student-athletes who are determined to help all athletes succeed. Our team members create videos for all soccer players in order to develop their skills to become better players.

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Jessica Luo


Jessica Luo is in the class of 2024 at The Bishop’s School in San Diego, California. Jessica is currently a defensive center mid and center defender on the 2005 ECNLR team at San Diego Surf soccer club and has been at the club since she started playing soccer at 7 years old. Jessica has also played many years of futsal and got the opportunity to play on the US Youth National Futsal team where she played friendlies in Canada. Jessica believes that every child can be a player if they are willing to work for it; she hopes to build relationships with the players as well as have the players build a love for the game that lasts forever. Soccer has made her into the person she is today and she hopes to share her love for soccer with everyone.


Dylan Gigler


Dylan Gigler is in class of 2024 at the Bishop's School and a 2006 ECNL player for DMCV Sharks. Dylan has played soccer since he was four years old and has been at Sharks his whole career. Dylan is a goalkeeper and loves to be a leader, instructing others what to do in goal. Dylan tore his ACL shortly after Covid, which forced him to miss over two years in games of soccer. During his injury Dylan realized the importance of having soccer in his life and how much it meant for him to regularly play the sport. Dylan was inspired to start PFS because he wanted to make sure everyone who loved soccer could have the opportunity to practice the sport all year round.

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Jordan Luo


Jordan Luo is 16 years old and a rising junior at the Bishop's School. He has been playing soccer for 11 years, starting at the age of five. He now plays for the San Diego Surf B05 team. Jordan has also been playing competitively for about 9 years and has played at Surf for 7 years. He currently plays left and right outside back (defense). Jordan plays and starts for Bishop’s Varsity Soccer team, where he takes on more of an attacking role in the team. His love for soccer is the reason he plays and has played for so long. Jordan's favorite part about soccer is that it is universal, and can be for anyone and everyone. His hope is to spark an endless passion for soccer for kids everywhere, so they can experiences the same love that he experience while playing.

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Jared LeTourneau


Jared Letourneau is a rising junior at The Bishop's School. He is 16 years old and has been playing soccer since he was five. He has been playing competitively for around 8 years with different clubs in San Diego, but he has been with Surf for the past five years. He previously was a Goalkeeper, however he transitioned over to center back and right back in the last two years. He has always had a love for the game of soccer because it is a team sport and you can build friendships with your teammates that could last a lifetime while also having fun running around on the field. Another thing he loves about soccer is that there is no discrimination towards race, gender, or physical ability because everyone can play soccer and enjoy themselves on the field. His goal with Passion for Soccer is to help recreate the same amazing experience he has had with soccer for other kids around the world.

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