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Welcome to Passion for Soccer

Born to Play

Welcome to Passion for Soccer! Here, we encourage all athletes, including athletes with physical or cognitive disabilities, to tackle challenges and take on new experiences. Our website includes videos of our favorite soccer drills to help teach anyone who is interested in improving their soccer skills or just trying to have some fun. Our drills were created with our knowledge of the needs of athletes with physical and cognitive disabilities. Our drills can easily be done at home, so everyone can embrace their passion for soccer!


Our videos help our athletes to learn new skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing every single day. Take a look at our videos and get in touch to find out more!

Who are our Athletes?

About our Athletes

At Passion for Soccer, we would love for kids of all ages to participate in our program and trainings. However, our website is specifically engineered to be used by kids with cognitive and physical disabilities. We want to give all kids a fun and productive outlet to practice the game that they love. We also aim to give kids with financial struggles more guidance on how they can aid their development as a soccer player if they cannot afford to play for a club or private coaching. 

What makes Passion for Soccer special?

Passion for Soccer was formed to provide an online as well as real-world soccer experience for kids with cognitive and physical disabilities. We want to share a universal love of soccer with everyone.

Passion for Soccer is different then other soccer programs because our athletes can learn from anywhere, and at any time. This allows them to be more flexible and feel more comfortable whenever and wherever they are practicing. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on making our curriculum productive, but also enjoyable. We encourage our athletes to create a custom celebration after that they can perform after completing a drill to keep things fun. We also provide many different examples of mini games to play. Lastly, we encourage everyone to participate at their own pace during our drills because the goal of our program is for all soccer players to have fun while playing the game they love!


Why did we start PFS?


Soccer is one of the world's most popular sports and can be enjoyed by individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. Participation in soccer offers so many benefits including improvement of fitness, motor skills, coordination, self-confidence, and social skills.

Soccer Bowling
Passing with a Wall
Shooting Accuracy
Gate Passing
Passing Form
Shooting Form
Shooting Power - Jordan
Material to Use In Soccer
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